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The Stolen Curse Breaker


As prophesized an infant girl was born from a human’s womb. Chosen by the forgotten goddess to be the salvation of Ellwyn. The curse breaker that will bring peace and restore the balance of magic to all the land.  Lilith was only an infant when Maverick, kidnapped her into the night leaving only a glamoured piece of wood in her place. Dragging her into the beautiful yet dangerous High Court of Ellwyn. Not to become a servant as one might think, but to be raised as the High King’s War General’s daughter destined for something she has yet to understand. Now eighteen years later, determined to earn her place in this beautiful yet unforgiving Court, Lilith must win the faerie tournament against all odds.  As Lilith fights her way through the trials, secrets of a forgotten past arise. A betrayal threatens all of Ellwyn and it is up to her to break the curse.